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You’re Not Going to Put Your Gadgets in That Are You?

Find out how to stylishly carry your laptop, phone and tablet around

Have you ever experienced the challenge of trying to lock down a bag or case that is worthy of carrying your new gadgets? It gets quite serious. Not only are you reading up on specs and features to make sure your technological baby is kept safe, but also you’re simultaneously judging bags and cases by their aesthetic appeal. It’s a difficult task for sure, which is why a lot of people think stylish laptop, phone and tablet accessories just don’t exist.

Well, we’re here to spread the good news: they exist! Check out our brand new Ultimate Man’s Guide to Tech Accessories.



Bring out Your Romantic Side with These Fall Must-have Home Decor

With the fall season just around the corner, and farewells to sunshine and pleasant weather happening soon, nothing seems more appealing than cozying up at home with a loved one. We found some of the best items on the web for you to help spice things up or get extra comfy at home!

1. Portsmouth Apron

Surprise your other half with a home cooked meal. What’s the occasion? The real question is: do really need one? Play chef for the night, experiment with your cooking skills and look cute yet professional with this chic apron. 

2. Momentary Escape Candle

Candles are just what you need to set the ambience for the cozy nights that will be spent at home during the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Tip: Once these burn out, you can use them as decorative pieces too! 

3. ONZIE Palazzo Pants

This versatile palazzo can be worn while chilling at home or for a casual lunch date with friends; its elastic waist keeps it extremely comfortable! No need to worry about surprise visits at home; with this palazzo, you’ll be looking fab anyways! Click through to see more patterns and find the one that suits your style the most. 

4. Evelyn Throw

These homey throws are available in gorgeous colours and are exactly what you need for the movie nights with that special someone or your besties. Wrap yourself around in these and stay at peace with the cold outside.

5. WildFox Do Not Disturb PJ Set

The perfect set of PJ’s! Look fab even just before going to bed. The combination of cream and navy blue gives it a graceful aesthetic, and the lycra will keep you extremely warm during the cold nights. 

6. Gilded Rim Stemware

Did anyone say wine? Nothing sums up a night better than a glass of fine wine. These elegant glasses will lighten the mood at your home and keep it all at ease.

7. Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf

When it gets a bit too chilly, put on this super comfy infinity scarf. With its warmth wrapped around your neck, you’ll be ready to face unfriendly weather both inside and outside your home. As a plus, the scarf’s color can easily match anything you decide to wear.

8. Skechers Cozy Up Booties

These cozy booties can be worn at home with your PJs, and will help you stay warm and comfy while looking cute! You’ll feel protected from the cold, and still look adorable in whatever you choose to wear them with.

Candles, throws, wine glasses and comfy clothes – we’re definitely ready for the fall season. So get excited and look forward to the cold, cozy days that wait in the not-so-distant future!


Have You Ever Worn Blazers on Your Feet?

We have! Nike Blazers that is.

Okay, if you haven’t had the chance rock Nike Blazers yet, do yourself a favor and try ‘em on. These classically-styled kicks are super comfy and pair amazingly well with any outfit. They look great on both guys and girls too! One of the most unique Blazers we’re seen of late? The pieces from Nike’s Floral Collection. Check out the 3 vibrant kicks from the set:

1) Nike Floral Print Blazer (LA)

Nike Floral Print Blazer (LA)

2) Nike Floral Print Blazer (Chicago)

Nike Floral Print Blazer (Chicago)

3) Nike Floral Print Blazer (New York)

Nike Floral Print Blazer (New York)

So much floral blazer love. But if you’re a fan of the classics, you’ll find more Nike Blazers here.

We have our hearts set on the New York Dandelion Blazer. Which city’s floral design do you like the most in the list? Let us know!